Project Documentation


The Pnut Project started as an unofficial working group with the initial goal to provide modern package management to Peanut Linux, a preconfigured, newbie-friendly Linux distribution created and maintained by Jay "Linuxkid" Klepacs. Since the inception of our project, some changes have occured in the Peanut community, most notibly, the renaming of "Peanut Linux" to "aLinux"™.

The initial goal of bringing Apt4Rpm package management features to aLinux™has been achieved, hopefully in small part, due to the efforts of this project. Following this successful outcome, and the realization of other core goals, the project was fortunate to obtain the rights to the Peanut Linux name from the original author and has embarked on a new journey, the creation of the Pnut Operating System™ family.

Current Status

PnutOS™ is a fairly new project and is in the alpha stage. It is intended to be a re-implementaion of the popular Peanut Linux™ operating system, most notably with a smaller footprint and without the cumbersome Rpm packaging system.

Testing began with our Alpha1 release, which was simply a Slackware™ install with a few of the familiar "peanut tools" thrown in.

Our second release, took this a bit farther. Again a Slackware™ install was used but Alpha2 featured some of the software packages and configurations of the new aLinux™ operating system, as well as a "livecd" companion.

Our third release, Alpha3, was released in April 2006. Unlike the previous releases, Alpha3 is based solely on aLinux™ version 12.5. It is a .tgz based reimplementation with updated package tools and features extended package management through the use of Swaret / Kswaret package managers.

Alpha3 was a heavily reworked release featuring the Equinox Desktop as the default window manager, giving RC4 a "Redmond" look and feel. This release was much more polished and is serving as a true building block for further development.

The download is approxamately 250Mb, but do not be fooled by the small(ish) size. Alpha3rc4 comes complete with the Opera web browser, the Siag office suite, Swaret, Kswaret, Gftp, mICQ, Dillo, Qt Designer, Gambas, Maelstrom, the full compiler suite, and of course, a fully loaded Midnight Commander. :)

Important to mention at this point that it is an alpha release. There are no guarantees

Kswaret will update the package list from the Pnut Project server automatically at its' startup...if using swaret in command-line mode, remember to do a [swaret --update] first.

Alpha4 is to be a full featured release based on the popular aLinux distribution, version 12.9. Currently, this upcoming release is in the preplanning stage with active testing occuring on the upstream source.

On a side note, has been moved to a new server, and a donate button has been added to the site. As I'm sure you can imagine, a lot of work goes into an endeavor such as this, not to mention the proverbial "man" wanting money for internet access and the like.

Please consider supporting our project.