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Thursday, 22 February 2018


aLinux Update
Written by The Pnut Project Team   
Here's a quick update on what's up in aLinux land.
Alinux lives again!
Written by The Pnut Project Team   

PnutOS™ Alpha3 is a freestanding tgz based version of aLinux™, with a smaller footprint and without reliance on the cumbersome Rpm packaging system. This version of Pnut is based on, and is compatible with, aLinux™ version 12.5.

Pnut is pre-configured to minimize difficulties new users often face when first experimenting with the Linux operating system. The X window system is pre-configured using the Vesa driver, so all that's usually needed is to run the command "startx" to get to a Gui.

 The networking is set to look for a DHCP server and most network cards are auto-detected. For modem users, [ppp] is installed and can be configured from the setup program.

Pnut comes with the Equinox Desktop as its default window manager, so it has the look and feel of that well known operating system from Redmond. It currently features the Opera™ web browser, the Siag Office Suite for getting work done, as well as the (K)swaret package manager for installing new software. Pnut retains the use of the Midnight Commander utility so familiar to aLinux™ (formerly Peanut) users.

 Several methods of software installation are available in PnutOS™. Software can be installed as root using the Kswaret Gui from the desktop or from the command line. Command line tools include the familiar Slackware™ package tools, such as installpkg, removepkg, and pkgtool, as well as the aLinux™ version of RPM. True to the aLinux™ tradition, software can also be installed as root using Midnight Commander. Heck, there's even a utility that will install packages in the EDE desktop!

We are proud to introduce our latest release, Alpha3 release candidate 4. Check the download page for availability. Please remember that our project is still in the alpha stage, so some bugs may be encountered.

PnutOS™ is licensed under the GPL (version 2). All software used is under its respective license.

 Enjoy PnutOS :)
 The Pnut Team

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